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welcome to Hussain Enterprise

A company is after all known by the products it deals in. That's why we are partnering with manufacturers who are building a world that's safer and more secure, more comfortable and more energy efficient, more innovative and more productive. Consistently delivering quality products at optimum price on time, every time, we are Hussain Enterprise.



Intervalve® (Poonawalla) LTD makes the choicest of sleevelined Butterfly & Check Valves, based on Dutch Technology. These quality products have a high standard of design and accuracy that meet international specifications.

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KSB Industrial Valves Authorized Dealers In Chennai


KSB Limited offers a full range of Gate, globe and check valves for isolation, non-return and regulation of fluids like water, steam, gas, oil and other non aggressive media, in steam and power generation, chemical

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Elomatic Valves Authorized Dealers In Chennai


EL-O-MATIC (INDIA) Pvt. Ltd. Solutions in anticipation. In its wide and deep experience in supporting the growth of the Indian process industry, the Poonawalla Group of Engineering Companies realised the acute need of automatic valve control.

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Leader Valves Authorized Dealers In Chennai


For fluidic piping systems, valves are the controlling elements. valves are used to isolate equipment and piping systems, regulate flow, prevent backflow, and regulate and relieve pressure.

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Baumer Valves Authorized Dealers In Chennai


Baumer is known to be one stop shop for various instrumentation products, thus apart from the manufacturing & service business, the company has associations with multiple world class principals

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Mech Valves Authorized Dealers In Chennai


Jinan Meide Casting Co., Ltd., established in 1962, is a large enterprise group composed of one main factory, three branch factories, an independent accounting steel pipe company

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System Sensor Valves Authorized Dealers In Chennai

System Sensor

The WFD Series waterflow detectors provide a mechanical time delay that is adjusted via an adjustment wheel. This retard mechanism is field replaceable, as is the terminal block. System Sensor also offers several specialty waterflow

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Brent Valves Authorized Dealers In Chennai


BRENT manufactures an exclusive range of high performance ball, gate, globe, check valves and strainers. The products are widely used in Chemical & manufacturer industries, Refineries, Petrochemicals & Fertilizer plants,

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Honeywell Valves Authorized Dealers In Chennai


Honeywell invents and manufactures technologies to address some of the world's toughest challenges initiated by revolutionary macrotrends in science, technology and society. A Fortune 100 company, we create solutions

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Our Dealerships

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To provide a complete and comprehensive basket of products consisting of manual valves, actuated systems and control valves, segment specific, in brands approved and accepted by major consultants and companies throughout the country.

Our Goal

Our goal is to do a great job for our customers every day in terms of quality, delivery, value and technology. It's good for our customers and it's good for us, too.
Every product we sell performs. No And's, No If's, No But's
Every brand we choose to associate with, we ensure is strong on reliabilty & acceptability. Approved by leading consultants in their respective verticals. Added to their inherent brand strength, we add value to them by making them available to you on time, at optimum price and on business friendly terms.

What More We Do

Remote operated valves with pneumatic or electric actuators for on/off and modulating operation with necessary control elements to suit the customer's typical requirements.